Tera Mai™ Reiki Healing

When your energy is high, you find balance in your body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a simple, safe, and natural method of channelling pure healing energy flow to where you need it the most.

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What is Tera Mai™ Reiki Healing?

Tera MaiTM Reiki Healing is a gentle but powerful universal energy force that is channelled through me to you using healing energy and psychic ability. I am not the healer, but simply the pure channel for the energy flow to you. This positive energy flow can boost your immune system, ease stress, improve sleep, improve joint mobility, give you mental clarity and heighten your spiritual awareness. It creates balances and boosts your self-worth.

Is Tera Mai™ Reiki for You?

Do you find that some days, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, feelings and emotions lead to physical manifestations, like a migraine or tension in your back and neck? Do you struggle to get a restful night sleep? Do you feel off balance and low? What would it mean to you to be free from pain, feel energised, at peace and happy within yourself? Are you open to an alternative approach to healing? Let me work with you to channel pure energy into your body using Tera MaiTM Reiki a simple, safe and natural healing method.

Feel Energised
Relieve Tension
Improve Sleep
Reduce Stress
Find Balance

Distance Healing and 1 to 1

Distance healing means you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home, or any location where you feel safe and calm, this can be anywhere in the world. Energy travels with intention, so wherever you are, it will find you. I use an object, like a teddy bear, to identify the parts of your body and channel pure healing energy to you through the surrogate.

A 1 to 1 is ideal if you want to receive the pure energy flow in person, where I place my hands on, or above, your fully clothed body in a non-invasive manner throughout the treatment. I conduct these healing sessions from Undō Kenilworth Tuesday’s 09.00-13.00 or a session can be arranged at your home.

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