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When you have clarity in where you are going, you create inner peace and faith in your own decisions. Find your way to bridge the gap between what your head wants and what your heart needs.

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What is Head to Heart Coaching?

Do you find that you are prone to overthink and continually processing things over and over in your mind. “If only I had done that…” “Why did this happen…?” “What could I have done differently…?” “Where do I go from here…?” You’re not alone. Most people focus their mind on their problems, searching for answers they are unable to find. It’s a pattern of behaviour many of us continually cycle through and we struggle to get out of it. Our minds tend to project outwards and focus on the problem. Our minds trick us into seeing the problem as separate from ourselves.

Your heart is like your North Star, it provides you with directional purpose, clarity and balance. My coaching is built on the model of how you can take a mind based external problem and make it a heart based internal solution. By following the intuition of your heart and taking away the over analytical thought processes of your mind, it enables you to follow what is true to you and in the process bring you into the centre your own life.

Do you know something is not right with you, but can’t quite put your finger on why? Are you feeling disconnected with the world around you? Do you find you are isolating yourself from those that you love? Are you experiencing physical pain or tightness in your body or find it hard to breathe? Do you often feel your emotions are out of your control? Are you experiencing yourself reacting differently and long to feel like you again?

Do you want to have a healthy balance between what you think, how you feel and what you do? To find peace and be present and ground in the here and now? To feel strong in both body and mind? Do you want to explore your path, what works for you and create your own flow? What would it mean to you to experience faith in yourself, to reclaim confidence and reconnect with who you really are?

Do you want to grow and be accountable for how you use your energy? Is now right for you to explore the patterns of behaviour that can lead to negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and learn to understand how to shift your approach and live with positivity and love for yourself? Are you ready to open your mind and deepen your awareness of yourself and your beliefs? Are you ready to invest in you and take the next step?

Invest In Yourself

Recognising you need support is the first step to healing yourself. Courage and faith in each of the following steps will get you closer to the life you deserve. Trust me to work with you, to support and guide you, to allow you the time to focus on yourself and what works best for you. 


I will take the time to listen to you and understand your unique needs.


I will ask the right questions to enable you to see things from a different perspective.


I will help guide you so that you can find your own direction in all aspects of your life.


I will support you to bring a holistic balance to your life with you at the centre.

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