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In 2018, I founded AO Holistics to empower and facilitate people in their journey of self-healing, self-exploration, and the deepening of their self-worth. I hold the belief that in viewing people holistically, they can reclaim themselves fully, find inner peace, and a balance of mind, body and spirit.

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My Journey from Head to Heart

I was first introduced to Pilates and Yoga in 2014, at the time my focus was on my physical health. I was working in care and I needed to look after my body, as my job required me to be fit, to lift and carry. I had been suffering with debilitating anxiety which was causing physical pain. I recognised I needed to be pain free and able to move more easily. However, with the spiritual aspects of yoga and the application of mind from Pilates, I soon began to see not only the physical benefits, but also the advantages of being mentally and emotionally balanced.

Following the realisation of the changes that Pilates and Yoga made holistically to my wellbeing, I decided to explore the spiritual aspects of mind body movement. This led me to Qigong, its tensionless flow improved my movement and reduced pain. During my training my relationship ended. I found peace in the meditative flow of Qigong, to move with the feelings, to dance with them. It was like medicine for the soul.

My journey took me to the spiritual vibrational energy transference from a Reiki Healer to myself, to clear emotional and physical blockages. I found the Reiki helped me because it gave me a time to be still, to listen to what my body wanted and create detachment from my daily routine. I gained clarity and decision making that lead me to be closer to who I actually am. It allowed me to quieten the chatter of my inner voice. It was the first time I realised that doing nothing can be a powerful tool for personal transformation. 

Further continuing my discovery of the balance of mind, body and spirit, the next step for me was to work with a Holistic Coach to bring all elements together. This enabled me to focus on myself, I was able to free up, to be guided and directed to help me get closer to my goals. I was supported in crafting and sculpting the person I truly am. Working 1 to 1 with my Coach meant I was committed to my purpose. It opened up an avenue for greater creativity. I valued their knowledge and expertise, this was so impactful, so personal and so to the point, there was an intimacy in sharing my story with them.

I now understood the importance that a balanced mind, body and spirit approach had to my life, and I wanted to support others to achieve inner peace for themselves. AO Holistics was founded bringing together the practices of Qigong, Yoga, Pilates, Tera MaiTM Reiki and Holistic Coaching. 

Alpha - Omega

The AO Holistics philosophy is based on creating balance between the masculine and feminine energies we have within us – The Alpha and Omega. It’s about bringing yourself into the centre of your own life, discovering yourself and what your heart needs.

With a Holistic Head to Heart approach to mind, body and spirit, I work with people to find the balance within themselves, so that they become one whole person, to support them on their journey to self-awareness, self-worth and self-love.

Follow Your Truth - Follow Your Heart

I see all people as holistic beings. You are deserving of being recognised as more than your physical form, your behaviour, and your belief structures. You deserve to be seen as a whole, to be present at the centre of your own life. Follow your truth – follow your heart.

Mitchell Wheeler

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